Order Overview

The Order Overview shows the status of all orders in the channel and statistics about recently placed orders. The displayed information is filtered by currency.

To display the Order Overview:

  1. Select the management context from the context selection box.
    This opens the navigation bar of the management context.
  2. In the navigation bar, select Orders | Order Overview.
    This displays the overview page.
  3. Click the Update button to refresh the displayed content.
    This retrieves the current information.
    Note: The Update button is only available on editing systems within data replication environments, see Data Replication.
Tip: The presented information can be compiled automatically by a dedicated scheduled job. Ask your system administrator to configure this job.

The left column of the Order Overview displays channel-specific order revenue statistics, including:

  • Today's orders

  • Last weeks orders (past 7 days)

  • Quarter to Date

  • Year to Date

The right column of the Order Overview displays order status reports, including:

  • New Orders

  • In Progress Orders

  • Canceled Orders

  • Canceled and Exported Orders

  • Not Deliverable Orders

  • Delivered Orders

  • Returned Orders

  • Pending Orders

Clicking an order status entry opens the advanced search, presenting the queried data (i.e., the overview element) in the result list. You can add further search criteria to narrow the result.