Payment Method Handling

Intershop Commerce Management integrates payment methods as "services" via dedicated service provider cartridges, see Services: Concepts. To make payment methods technically available on the organization, channel or application level, system managers create "service configurations", which represent a configurable association between a service type and the given management context. The business-relevant settings for payment methods, however, are defined in the context of sales channel only.

Note: Depending on the actual implementation of your payment services, this behavior may differ. Refer to the corresponding payment provider cartridge documentation.

For details about managing service configurations, see Services Management.

The sections below introduce the business-relevant settings for payment methods. For details about their actual configuration, see Payment Method Management.

Payment Method Applications

Payment methods can be individually made available to the applications of a channel. For details about channel applications, see Applications.

Payment Costs

Payment methods can be associated with a cost to be charged if the payment method is selected. Payment costs can be defined for any available currency. When defining payment costs, the following values can be provided:

  • Minimum Order Value

    This value defines the minimum order value which must be reached for the payment cost to become effective. Orders below the minimum order value will not be charged with a cost for the selected payment method. If left empty, no minimum order value applies.

  • Amount

    This value determines the cost to be charged for the respective payment method. Only positive values can be entered in this mandatory field. Note that a specific taxation policy can be defined for the payment cost amount, determining whether (and to which extent) the defined payment cost is included in the tax calculation. For example, if value "NoTax" is selected, the payment cost is not included when calculating the due tax. On the other hand, if "FullTax" is selected, the payment costs are included in the tax calculation process and subject to the standard tax rate.

  • Threshold

    This value defines the maximum order value up to which the payment cost applies. Orders with an order value equal to or above the threshold will not be charged with a cost for the selected payment method. If left empty, no maximum order value applies.

Note: Apart from defining payment costs, you can also use this feature to restrict payment methods to orders equal to or above a certain order value. For example, to restrict the payment method "Direct Credit Card Entry" to orders with a minimum order value of 10 USD, set the "Minimum Order Value" for this payment method to 10 USD and set the "Amount" to 0.

Customer Segment Assignments

Each payment method can be made available to all customers or to selected customer segments, see Customer Segments. Payment methods can also be assigned to the group "No One", which means they are unavailable to customers in the storefront.

Payment Preferences

For each payment method, you can define specific preferences, including

  • Currency-Dependent Availability

    You can individually enable or disable a payment method depending on the order currency.

  • Payment Currency

    For each available order currency, you can specify a different currency that will be used to process the payment.

Note: Additional payment methods may require specific settings. Refer to the corresponding payment provider cartridge documentation.