Shipping Configuration

Intershop Commerce Management provides a simple, yet powerful interface to create shipping configurations that can combine shipping methods, freight classes and destination regions. For each channel, you can define an individual set of shipping configurations, which are then available in the corresponding channel storefront.

For shipping configurations, the following aspects are of importance:

  • Shipping Method

    Shipping methods define the way of delivering purchased products to the buyer. In addition to shipping charges, which are added to the order subtotal, shipping time in days and a validity period, Intershop Commerce Management operators can manage the display order for shipping methods in the storefront.

  • Destination Regions

    Intershop Commerce Management operators can define destination regions, which are then at the operator's disposal for setting up available shipping methods, shipping charges and shipping restrictions.

  • Freight Classes

    Intershop Commerce Management operators can define freight classes and assign eligible shipping methods and destination regions. Freight classes are intended to be associated with products or catalog categories.

  • Shipping Rules

    Shipping rules provide a means to manage exceptions to the defined shipping configurations, for example, to restrict specific shipping methods to certain destination regions or to exclude individual products from being shipped to certain destination regions.

    Some shipping rules apply to "shipping buckets", i.e., groups of product line items with the same shipping method and the same ship-to address.

For details, see Shipping Configuration Management.