In B2B scenarios, quoting constitutes a mechanism for business customers to manage pricing relations in the buying process. Quotes are mainly used for the following purposes:

  • Negotiate special prices

    Customers can use quotes to request special prices for products or shopping carts.

  • Reserve current price

    Quotes are valid during a well-defined period. Therefore, quotes can be used to reserve a price for customers (for example, the current price or a negotiated price) during the validity period of the quote.

In the B2X edition of Intershop Commerce Management, the customer's users create quote requests in the storefront. They can edit, submit and delete quote requests. After the quotes have been responded by the merchant, the customer's users can add the quotes to their carts or reject the quotes. In the "My Account" section of the storefront, they can view and manage the list of their quote requests and quotes.

In the context of their assigned customers, account managers of the merchant use Intershop Commerce Management to:

  • View and edit quote requests

  • Respond to quote requests, that is, submit quotes

For details, see Quote Management.