Scheduling a Process Chain

  1. In the navigation bar, click Mass Data Tasks | Process Chains.
    The Process Chains list is displayed.
  2. Switch to the Schedule tab.
  3. Mark the Enable checkbox.
    This allows to schedule the process chain. Otherwise a process chain can only be executed manually.
  4. Schedule the process chain.
  5. Click Apply.
Table 1. Scheduling tab
Property Description
Active Use the date picker to select a start and end date. The process chain will only be executed automatically within this period.
Runtime Enter a Runtime in the format HH:MM:SS am|pm. The system will execute the process chain on this day time for the first time.
Every Configure a recurring time interval. Enter an Integer (e.g., 12) and select a time unit (e.g., Hours).
Days Mark the checkboxes for all days of the week at which the process chain will start at Runtime.