Assigning Replication Groups

Replication groups can be assigned to replication tasks in state Editing. Once a replication task has been submitted, replication groups cannot be assigned or deleted anymore. To assign replication groups to a replication task:
  1. Select the management context from the context selection box, then select Mass Data Tasks | Data Replication Tasks.
    This lists all replication tasks in the current management context.
  2. Select Editing from the drop-down menu and click Apply.
    This filters the list for available replication tasks with the status Editing.
  3. Change to the Replication Groups tab and click New.
    This displays a list of available replication groups. Groups that have already been assigned to the replication task are grayed out.
  4. Select the replication groups to be included with the task and click Assign.
    For an overview of replication groups, see the following table:
    Table 1. Sales Channel Replication Groups
    Group Description
    A/B Tests This group replicates A/B test related data.
    Affiliate Partners This group replicates affiliate partners defined for the channel.
    Branding This group replicates the branding packages and branding package assignments for the sales channel storefront.
    Campaigns This group replicates the campaigns defined in this channel.
    Catalogs This group replicates all catalogs and catalog categories, including custom classification catalogs.
    Customer Segments This group replicates custom customer segments defined for the channel.
    Image References This group replicates image references defined in this channel.
    Labels/Label Assignments This group replicates labels and label assignments defined in this channel.
    Localization Data This group replicates localization data defined for the sales channel storefront.
    Pages and Components This group replicates pages and components, incl. slots and assignments, defined in this channel.
    Products This group replicates all channel products and product-related information, such as product attachments, product links, category assignments and product variations. This group also replicates product prices.
    Note: If products have been syndicated from other repositories, references to source products are transferred as well. These references are effective only in case the respective source products are available on the target system as well.
    Product Attribute Groups This group replicates all product attribute groups defined for the channel.
    Product Prices This group replicates pricing information for products.
    Note: Updates only take effect in case the respective products are available on the target system as well.
    Profanity Check Resources This group replicates the lists of prohibited words defined in this channel.
    Promotions This group replicates all promotions, including discounts, discount rules and coupons associated with these promotions. This group also replicates gift certificates.
    Search Indexes This group replicates the search indexes and their configurations, search query definitions (predefined product filters), and search redirects.
    Note: The object group that is indexed, e.g., PRODUCTS and PAGELETS, must be added to avoid inconsistencies.
    Shipping Configuration This group replicates all shipping methods, freight classes, regions and shipping rules defined in this channel.
    Short Links/Link Groups This group replicates short links and link groups defined for the channel.