Organization Management: Main Tasks

Main tasks involved in organization management include:

  • Manage Organization Profile

    Sales and partner organizations are associated with a general organization profile containing information such as general and address information.

  • Create Departments

    Inside an organization, a department structure can be created reflecting the internal structure of a sales or partner organization. Managing departments also involves the management of a set of department roles.

  • Create Roles

    Roles define the tasks users can perform. Department roles can be defined as custom roles or be based on master roles.

  • Manage Users

    Each sales or partner organization maintains a pool of users who can perform tasks on behalf of the organization.

  • Assign Department Roles

    Via role assignment, users are assigned to departments.

  • Manage Channels

    As part of setting up the distribution chain, organizations manage channels. Managing channels involves channel creation, channel access privilege management and payment method management. For details about channels, see Channel Management: Concepts.