Viewing Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

To view all gift certificates that have been issued:
  1. Select the sales channel from the context selection box.
    This opens the navigation bar of the sales channel.
  2. From the navigation bar, select Marketing | Gift Cards & Gift Certificates.
    The Gift Cards & Gift Certificates manager is displayed showing a list of all gift certificates for the management context. Use the simple and advanced search to narrow the list of gift certificates shown. Among other information, the amount left and the current state are shown for each gift card/gift certificate. The following table describes the possible states:
    Table 1. Gift Card/Gift Certificate States
    State Description
    Pending The gift certificate has not been redeemed yet.
    Partially Redeemed The gift certificate has already been redeemed. The gift certificate can be redeemed again to use up the amount left.
    Redeemed The gift certificate has been redeemed. There is no amount left.
  3. Click the gift card/gift certificate code.
    This opens the detail view for the gift card/certificate.