Viewing Gift Card/Gift Certificate Transactions

Note: Viewing order details requires the access privilege "Order Manager".

To view details for a gift card/gift certificate, including the orders for which a gift card/gift certificate has been redeemed:

  1. Select the channel from the context selection box, then select Marketing | Gift Cards & Gift Certificates.
    This displays the Gift Cards & Gift Certificates manager showing a list of all gift certificates in the channel.
  2. Select the gift card/gift certificate for which to view orders.
    The gift card/gift certificate details view is displayed.
  3. Change to the Transactions tab.
    A list of all transactions is displayed, including the corresponding order number.
  4. Click on the order number to view the order details.
    Note: This does not apply to deleted orders. In case an order was deleted, only the number is displayed. Details are not available. Depending on your business model, Intershop Commerce Management may not be the data-maintaining system. If the order was e.g., exported to an ERP System and therefore deleted in Intershop Commerce Management, the initial order ID is displayed. Refer to the data-maintaining system in such cases.