Accessing and Navigating the Monitoring Module

To access the monitoring module:
Select Monitoring from the Intershop System Management navigation bar.
This opens the Cluster Overview page, which lists all servers in the cluster and displays basic performance data.
Figure 1. Cluster overview page
Cluster overview page

Monitoring Sub-Modules

The Monitoring section in the navigation bar comprises the following sub-modules, each providing the corresponding detailed information:

  • Application Server
  • Java VM

  • OR Mapping

  • JDBC

  • Cartridges

  • Performance

  • Background

  • Database Status

  • Locking

  • Services

Sub-Module Overview Page

By clicking one of the sub-modules, you are taken to an overview page that lists the available monitoring options.
Figure 2. Example - Sub-Module overview page 'Application Server'
Sub-Module Overview Page

Sub-Module Detail Page

To view the detailed information of a topic listed in the sub-module overview page, click the corresponding link, e.g., Application Server. This opens the detail view.
Figure 3. Example - Sub-module detail page - 'Application Server - Process Information'
Application Server process details