File Browser

The File Browser enables Intershop Commerce Management directory browsing and zip-compressed download from Intershop System Management. This tool enables administrators to quickly browse the Intershop Commerce Management directories without requiring access to the file system as only the Intershop System Management login is required. With this tool, it is possible to view and download files from any server within an Intershop Commerce Management cluster.

Figure 1. Intershop System Management File Browser
Intershop System Management File Browser

By default, all directories are hidden. System folders are made available by configuring the property file located at <IS_SHARE>/system/config/apps/intershop.enfinity.SMC/ Here you can specify directories and sub directories for viewing and downloading by using the IS path alias (such as ${IS_SHARE};${IS_HOME}) or without the alias (such as c:/share/**** or /var/***), depending on your operating system. To set a directory to "browsable" (viewable), edit the property file as follows:

Note: All sub directories within a "browsable" directory are automatically viewable.

The above example sets three log directories as viewable by the file browser. These are separated by a semi-colon (;). Conversely you can specify a set of files or sub directories as hidden with a regular expression, even if the directory is viewable. To hide a file within the above defined directories, edit the property file as follows:


The above example prevents all files ending with "zip" from being displayed in the file browser.