Getting Started

Welcome to the online help for Intershop System Management. System administrators use this application in order to perform system control and monitoring tasks in an Intershop Commerce Management cluster. These tasks include, among others, managing scheduled jobs, managing logging options, and monitoring the application functionality:

  • User Management

    This section describes how to create and add users and how to change the password for Intershop System Management.

  • Schedules

    This section describes how to control scheduled jobs in the Intershop Commerce Management system.

  • Logging

    This section describes how to change the logging options of the Intershop Commerce Management application.

  • File Browser

    This section describes Intershop System Management's File Browser tool.

  • Site Management

    This section describes the site management features like server group assignments or page cache behavior, for instance.

  • Monitoring the System State

    This section describes the monitoring functionality of Intershop System Management.

  • Installation Maintenance

    This section describes the installation maintenance features of Intershop System Management.

For a description of additional administration tasks and background information on the tasks described here, refer to the Intershop Knowledge Base.