Creating Short Links

To create a short link:
  1. Open the Short Links manager.
  2. Click New.
    This displays the detail view for the new short link.
  3. Enter configuration details for the short link.
    See the following table for details on the available options:
    Table 1. Short URL Configuration Options
    Option Description
    Short URL Specifies the short URL.
    Target URL Specifies the complete Intershop Commerce Management URL onto which the short URL is mapped.
    Enabled (checkbox) Using this checkbox, the short link is enabled or disabled.
    Default Link Default links provide a fallback mechanism if multiple short links are used to map on a certain target URL. In case one of these short links is not valid (because its end date has passed, for example), the default link will be used instead.
    Redirect This option defines URL redirects for a selected source URL, where 301 headers (moved permanently) usually redirect to the storefront home page and 302 headers (moved temporarily) usually redirect to a category or product. For short links, use none.
    Description The description may state, for example, the reason for a URL redirect.
    Start Date, End Date The start and end dates restrict the validity period for a short link to a specific time.
    Note: The source URL and the target URL can be either absolute or relative. For details, see Short Links and Redirect URLs.
  4. Click Apply.
    The new link is listed in the list view.
  5. Test the new short link.
    In the row of the new short link, click Link in the Test column. The target URL opens in a new browser window.
Note: Responses to vanity mapping requests are processed and cached by the Web Adapter within the site context specified by the property vanity.pathinfo (by default, SLDSystem). When modifying vanity domain configurations, delete the page cache for the respective site (e.g., SLDSystem) for the changes to take effect. Ask your system administrator for support.