Launching Design View

In order to enter the storefront in the previewing/editing mode:
  1. Select the intended management context from the context selection box.
  2. Click the Design View button.
    This opens the storefront in the editing mode.
  3. Select the required settings for which you intend to edit the content.
    Click the Settings button () to open the preview configuration dialog.
    Note: The settings button is available if the application type, on which the application opened in Design View is based, is set to allow for configuring the preview settings.
    The following settings are available:
    Table 1. Storefront preview settings
    Setting Description
    Date/Time Specifies the date and time intended to be applied for the current preview session. Select Current to preview the current state, or select Fixed to set an arbitrary date and time for the preview.
    Application Specifies the storefront application intended to be previewed.
    Language Specifies the locale intended to be applied for the current preview session.
    Currency Specifies the currency intended to be applied for the current preview session.
    Customer segments Specifies the customer segments intended to be applied for the current preview session. Depending on the activated segmentation services (see Customer Segments), two groups of target objects may be listed, for which the available customer segments are eligible:
    • Content components, shipping rules and payment methods

    • Promotions, campaigns, A/B tests, price lists

    Catalog settings Specifies the category/product visibility settings for the current preview session, including
    • Making all products visible, overruling any product-specific settings

    • Making all products available for purchase, overruling any product-specific settings or inventory statuses

    • Making all categories visible, overruling any category-specific online/offline settings

    • Turning off catalog views, overruling any catalog view filter settings that may be active.

    Display size Specifies the display size intended to be applied for the current preview session, which allows for checking the application display on various devices.
    Status Specifies whether important preview settings (like date/time or display size) are shown in the current preview session.
    Full Site Preview Opens a preview session in a new window, which hides the content structure tree and the content edit area as well as all Intershop Commerce Management navigation elements.
    Reset to Default Discards all specific settings, reverts to the default status and refreshes the preview session.
  4. Click OK.
    This immediately applies your settings and refreshes the preview. Otherwise, click Cancel to discard your settings.
To switch back to the Intershop Commerce Management Data View, click Data View.