Importing Content Assets

To import content assets from XML or ZIP files:
  1. Select the management context from the context selection box, then select Content | Import & Export.
    This displays the Import & Export overview page.
  2. Upload the file to be imported.
  3. In the Content row, click Import.
    A list of files that can be imported is displayed.
  4. Select file to import, then click Next.
    The import file is now validated. When successful, the number of pagelet entry points, pagelet to pagelet entry point assignments, pagelet entry point assignments, page variants, components, slot assignments, page templates, component templates and placeholder assignments is displayed. In case of errors, error messages are generated. You can also download the log file.
  5. Select the intended locking conflict resolution.
    For details about the locking conflict resolution options, see Object Locking.
  6. Select the import mode.
    For importing content assets, the import modes INITIAL, REPLACE and DELETE are available. For import mode details, see Standard Import Modes.
  7. Click Import.
    The import process is started immediately. The Import & Export Status dialog is displayed.