Managing Catalog/Category Images

Catalog managers can specify images for each catalog and/or category to be displayed in the storefront.

In contrast to products, categories and catalogs can only get one image assigned.

To manage catalog or category images, do the following:
  1. Select the intended management context from the context selection box, then select Catalogs | Catalogs.
  2. Click the catalog and category names until you reach the intended category level.
  3. Click the icon in the row of the catalog or category you intend to edit.
    This opens the catalog or category detail page. Catalogs or categories shared from a parent management context cannot be edited but only viewed ().
  4. On the General tab, click the Select button next to the Image field.
    This opens the Select Image dialog.
    Note: The Select button is not available:
    • For catalogs or categories shared from a parent management context, or
    • If the Intershop Commerce Management user does not have the permission to manage catalog and categories.
    The Select button is disabled if:
    • No category image type is selected, see Defining an Image Type for Category Images,
    • An image type with source 'external' is selected, or
    • An image type with source 'internal' that has an empty image prefix is selected.
    If the image type is set to External or Internal with an empty prefix, the image name input field is active and an image name can be entered and stored by clicking the Apply button.

    The data entered in the image name input field is not validated.

  5. Navigate to the intended content directory and select an image.
    You can also search for an image by its name or upload a new image.
  6. After selecting an image, click OK.
    This immediately assigns the image to the current catalog or category, and takes you back to the General tab of the Standard Product Catalog dialog.
Tip: The image assignment takes effect on all locales.