Assigning Products Using Filters

Products can be assigned dynamically to categories using product filters, see Predefined Product Filters.
Note: Product filters require an integrated third-party search engine, see Search Index Services.

To manage dynamic product-category assignments:

  1. Navigate to the category level at which you want to work.
    Select the intended management context from the context selection box, then select Catalogs | Catalogs. Then click the catalog and category names until you reach the intended category level.
  2. Click the icon in the row of the category you intend to edit.
    This opens the category detail view. Categories shared from a parent management context cannot be edited but only viewed ().
  3. In the Product Assignment section on the General tab, select Assign Products dynamically.
    This displays the product filter edit dialog as described in Editing Product Filter Rules.
  4. Edit the rules as required in each section.
    The following options are available:
    • Category

      Specifies the catalog category to which the product filter search operation is restricted. Clicking the Select button opens a wizard for selecting the intended category. Clicking Clear removes the category restriction.

    • Filter Condition

      Specifies the text values (for text attributes) or value ranges (for numeric attributes) intended to be retrieved by the filter.

    • Sorting

      Specifies the sorting of the retrieved result set. The sorting attribute is independent of the defined filter condition.

    • Weighting

      Specifies a weighting for specific attribute values.

  5. Click Apply to save your settings.
    Otherwise, click Reset to discard your changes.
Note: The modification of product assignments in Intershop Commerce Management requires the preconfigured job "Update Product Assignments" to be executed. Ask the system administrator of your Intershop Commerce Management system to schedule or run this job.