Accessing Intershop Organization Management

Intershop Organization Management is an ISML-based Web front application. Like any other Web front application, it runs in any standard web browser. To access Intershop Organization Management via a standard web browser:
  1. Enter a URL with the following syntax:
    http://<SYSTEM.HOST>/INTERSHOP/web/WFS/SLDSystem where <SYSTEM.HOST> is either the IP or DNS name of the machine hosting the Intershop Web Server.
  2. Log in to the Operations site as administrator.

    In a default Intershop Commerce Management installation, use the following credentials:

    • Login: admin

    • Password: !InterShop00!

    • Organization: Operations

    Note: The person who has installed your Intershop Commerce Management system may have changed the default password immediately after completing the installation. In this case, contact this person to get the new password.
Warning: Intershop strongly recommends to either change the default administration user password at the first login, or to create new administration users with dedicated access rights and to delete the default administration user. For details, see Managing Administration Users.