Managing Data Replication Processes

This section describes how to initialize the staging environment and how to perform regular data replication processes.

To execute tasks in the Data Replication module, you must be logged in using a role with the STAGING_ADMINISTRATOR access privilege. Generally, admin@Operations is assigned this access right.

Note: Before starting data replication processes, make sure your system has been properly prepared and a data replication process of type "Initial" has been executed. For details, refer to Overview - Data Replication in the Intershop Knowledge Base.
Concurrent mass data operations and individually triggered "single-object" operations may produce inconsistent data. Intershop Commerce Management features a specific object-locking mechanism to prevent concurrent modifications of the same data. In case a user intends to edit an object that is already locked by another process, Intershop Commerce Management shows a warning and, depending on the operation, provides options to either
  • steal the lock, where the "calling" process takes priority and can run,

  • wait a specified time and then fail, where the "calling" process waits the defined time for the previous lock to be released in order to run afterwards, or fails if the timeout is reached.

  • fail, where the "calling" process is terminated immediately.

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