Managing Classification Catalogs

This section explains how to create and maintain global product classification systems.

Classification catalogs predefine the set of catalog categories to which products can be assigned. Intershop Commerce Management provides out-of-the-box support for classification catalogs based on the ETIM, ECLASS and UNSPSC standards. In addition, it allows for defining custom classification systems as well as to import new or different versions of standard classification systems.

Intershop Organization Management provides modules to support the following classification catalog-related tasks:

  • Maintaining classification catalogs, including the predefined ETIM, ECLASS and UNSPSC catalogs,

  • Creating new classification catalogs and importing classification systems (see Managing Data Import and Export),

  • Setting classification catalogs online or offline.

Note: Classification catalogs created and set online in Intershop Organization Management are globally available for all sales organizations. The sales organizations propagate them to their channels.

This section describes how to create, edit, enable and delete global classification catalogs. Other tasks like managing catalog categories and products or managing classification attributes are performed by the sales organization in Intershop Commerce Management.

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