Setting Classification Catalog Online

Catalogs can be online or offline. An offline catalog is not available to any sales organization.

To set a catalog online or offline:

  1. In the navigation bar, select Classification Catalogs.
    A list of all global classification catalogs in the system is displayed.
  2. Click Edit next to the catalog you intend to edit.
    The Classification Catalog detail page is displayed.
  3. Select the Online/Offline tab.
  4. In the Status field, set Online or Offline as value.
  5. Specify the validity period of the selected status.
    The validity period specifies when the selected status will be applied to the catalog. Select one of the two options, either Always or Limited Period. If you select Limited Period, you must set at least one date (start or end). If you do not specify a time, it is automatically set to 12:00 am.