Creating Replication Process

To create a new replication process:
  1. In the navigation bar, select Data Replication | Data Replication Processes.
    A list of existing replication processes is displayed.
  2. Click New.
    This starts the replication process creation wizard.
  3. Provide a description for the replication process, then click Next.
    A list of available target systems is displayed.
  4. Select the target system and the locking conflict resolution, then click Next.
    Only one target system can be selected for each replication process.

    For information about the locking conflict resolution options, see Managing Data Replication Processes.

  5. Select the replication process type from the drop-down list.
    When selecting the type Undo or Data Publishing, it is not possible and necessary to assign replication tasks to the current process. In these cases, click Next.
  6. Click New to assign replication tasks to this process.
    A list of all replication tasks of type "Waiting" is displayed.
  7. Select the replication tasks and click Assign, then Next.
    Note: Note that Select All selects all tasks on the current page.
  8. Define the activation rules for this replication processes.
    Note: Replication processes can be started manually, or as a scheduled job at a predefined time.

Data replication process types are summarized in the following table.

Table 1. Data Replication: Process Types
Replication Type Description
Data Transfer This process transfers the data to the target system but does not trigger a table switch or a switch of data replication directories.
Data Publishing This process publishes data that have already been transferred to the target system. The process triggers all necessary table and directory switches as well as concomitant database commits to persist the changes.
Note: Data publishing can only be executed on the results of a process of type Data Transfer executed immediately before. Data transfer and publishing cannot be separated for certain replication groups.
Data Transfer & Publishing This process accomplishes a complete replication process, including data transfer and publication. The following replication groups must be replicated using a process of the type Data Transfer & Publishing:
  • Sales Organization/Partners: Organizations, Channels, Master Repository

  • Sales Channel: Customers, Affiliate Partners, Promotions

Undo An Undo process rolls back a data replication process of type Data Publishing or Data Transfer & Publishing, which has been completed successfully. Undo restores the target system state prior to executing the data replication task that is rolled back. Undo can only roll back the most recent data replication process. Note that Undo cannot be used with replication groups that involve user data, namely:
  • Sales Organization/Partners: Organizations, Channels, Master Repository

  • Sales Channel: Customers, Affiliate Partners, Promotions