Managing Services

Intershop Commerce Management provides service interfaces for integrating third-party business services like mail, order, PIM or ERP solutions via dedicated service provider cartridges.

Once a service provider cartridge is installed, the system administrator makes the new services available to the sales organizations using Intershop Organization Management.

Intershop Commerce Management includes (exemplary) integrations several services, which may serve as a starting point for integrating project-specific services, for example:

  • Gift card service

  • E-mail service

  • CAPTCHA service

  • Address check service

  • Inventory service

To manage service associations for sales organizations:

  1. In the navigation bar, select Sales Organizations.
    A list of all sales organizations in the system is displayed.
  2. Click the name of the sales organization you intend to edit.
    The sales organization's details are displayed.
  3. Open the Services tab.
    The list of the available service groups (Order Export Services, Mail Services, etc.) is displayed.
  4. Click a service group name.
    The list of the available services of the selected service group is displayed.
  5. Select the checkboxes of the services you intend to enable or disable for the current sales organization.
  6. Click the Enable or Disable button, accordingly.
    The selected services are enabled or disabled immediately.
Note: For details about how to set up additional service provider cartridges, refer to the documentation provided with the corresponding cartridges.