Importing Classification Catalogs

To import catalogs in XML format:
  1. Upload the file to be imported.
    For details, see Uploading Import Files.
  2. In the navigation bar, select Import & Export.
    The overview page is displayed.
  3. In the Classification Categories (XML) row, click Import.
    A list of files that can be imported is displayed.
  4. Select the file to import, then click Next.
    The import file is now validated. When successful, the number of categories detected by the parser is displayed. In case of errors, error messages are generated. You can also download the log file.
  5. Select the import mode and, if required, the target catalog.
    For details, see Import Modes.
    Note: You are prompted to select a target catalog if the import file does not specify a root category. When specified, the root category is assumed as the target catalog.
  6. Click Import.
    The import process is started immediately. The Import Monitor page is displayed.