Copying Classification Catalog Categories

You can create a copy of a catalog category. The name of the copy is prefixed by "Copy of" (or, in a localized system, a translation hereof). The system automatically generates an ID for the new catalog category. The new category is set offline.

  • All general and custom attributes are copied from the source category to the copied category, including the parent category.

  • Product assignments to the catalog category are retained. Note, however, that the products themselves are not copied.

Note: Copying a catalog category does not copy the sub-categories.

To copy a catalog category:

  1. Navigate to the category level at which you want to work.
    Select the intended management context from the context selection box, then select Catalogs | Catalogs. Then click the catalog and category names until you reach the intended category level.
  2. Click Copy.
    The new category is displayed in the category list view. You can also copy a category from its category details view.