Assigning Products by Category

Using this option, you can add all products that belong to a catalog or sub-category to the current configuration. If you feed from a catalog or sub-category, this automatically adds all products from all sub-categories.

To browse catalogs for products to add to the product data feed configuration:

  1. Select the channel from the context selection box, then select Catalogs | Product Data Feeds from the navigation bar.
    A list of all configurations currently defined is displayed.
  2. Click the name of the configuration to which to assign products.
  3. Change to the Products tab.
    A list of all products currently assigned to the configuration is displayed.
  4. Click Assign by Category.
    A list of catalogs available in the channel repository is displayed.
  5. Assign the products as required.
    • To assign all products of a catalog to the current configuration, click Assign All in the respective catalog row.

    • To browse specific catalog categories, select the radio button for the catalog and click Next. Click a category name to view sub-categories until you have found the category from which to feed products. Alternatively, you can browse until you reach the product list associated with a category.

    • To assign all products that belong to a category to the configuration, select the respective check box for the category and click Assign.

    • To assign selected products of a category, drill down to the product list. Click Assign All to assign all products in the list, or select individual products from the list and click Assign Selected.

Note: Newly created products will be included automatically in the product data feed when using Assign by Category. If selected products are assigned, newly created products will need to be assigned manually.