Generating License Reports

To generate a license report:
  1. In the Intershop System Management navigation bar, select License Report.
    The License Report module is displayed.
    Figure 1. License report creation
    License report creation
  2. Specify a start and end date, and click Generate to start the report generation.
    The license report contains the contents of your license.xml file, lists all installed cartridges and provides general cluster information.
  3. Specify the e-mail addresses of the report's sender and recipient.
    Your purchasing contract or license agreement should specify an e-mail address where generated license reports are to be sent, for example
    Figure 2. Example - license report
    Example - license report
  4. Enter the required e-mail address and click Send As E-Mail to send the license report to the specified e-mail address.

    Alternatively, click Download Report to download the report as encrypted XML file.